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Here at Meridian, we understand how unique and fragile some items can be. There are special items and valuables that may not fit perfectly or deserve special attention altogether. Not to mention, these items may be extremely expensive and simply irreplaceable. Let us know what these items are and we will ensure that they are wrapped up, packed safely, and ready for loading and unloading.

Piano Moving

Moving piano requires knowledge more than anything. Most movers may simply wrap a piano and call it good. Here at Meridian Moving, we've trained and perfected our professionals specifically on how to move a piano.  Our piano moving methods sets us apart from other moving companies simply because we ensure the keys are stabilized, remove the legs, remove the piano lid, and secure the piano safely. Also, we ensure that there are a minimum of 3-4 men moving the piano.

Piano moving services in CastleRock
Gun Safe Moving

Meridian Moving has years of experience moving armory and gun safes. We ensure that there is safe coverage no matter  how large or small your gun safe or vault is. We understand how critical it is to properly move and transport gun safes. We are licensed, bonded, and covered!

Gun safe moving black at Meridian Moving
Antique Moving

Antiques are previous items that bring uniqueness. Antiques also require special care. We ensure that your antiques are properly stored and secure including sunburst locks, decorated porcelain, collectibles, and sterling silver items. These items may require extra pad protection and cushioning wrap.

Antique moves at Meridian Moving
Fine Art Moving

Moving a fine art piece can seem stressful especially when moving large art pieces long distance. We are professionally trained to move a variety of types of art which include paintings, sculptures, photography, fine prints and more! We will thoroughly inspect your unique art items, determine the type of move needed and how to pack your piece of art.

Fine art piece that we can move at Meridian Moving and Storage in Castle Rock

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